Basic Electronics and Microcomponents:
Identification, testing and application of micro components:
Testing AC & DC supply. Testing Frequency and clock singnals. Use of multimeter & frequency meter.
Testing of open, short, ground circuit, Concept of load & Source.
Use of SMD Rework station & solder Iron
Replacement of Micro Components
Replacement of 2Gate IC, Replacement of QFN IC Package
Testing and troubleshooting of Logic Components
Identification of Logic ICs
Testing logic signals, Voltage marking of RAM slot
Testing signals on PCI, PCI express Slots.
Testing signals and voltages on back panel slots
BIOS Testing
Faults and Solution of Logic section
Testing and troubleshooting of power section
Power logic sequence testing
CPU Core power section testing
RAM power supply testing
Chipset power supply testing
Faults and solution of power section( volt in section ) ,
Discharging section , Charging section , Step Down ( 3v & 5v section)
Vrm section , Pch section , Lvds section , usb ,sata , super i/o , lan ic ,
audio ic section , bios section etc
Full troubleshooting and servicing of Desktop and laptop boards
bios programming
study materials

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